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We all recognise that plastic waste, when not recycled ends up in our landfills or becomes pollution. More importantly, we recognise that plastic has value. To realise this value, plastic must be collected and recycled – but many people do not know how to get started. This is where Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO’s) such as PETCO and Polyco become invaluable. PETCO for example is one of our value chain partners in plastic waste collections and have worked closely with Safripol to set up various community recycling projects.


PETCO, the PET Recycling Company, provides its members with an end-of-life solution for the PET bottle sector – both financially and operationally. PETCO also supports recyclers within community programmes, and provides educational material and awareness programmes on recycling. PETCO promotes efficiency in the production, design, conversion, collection and recycling of plastic.


If you would like to start recycling or start your own buy back centre, PETCO has all the information you need to become a collector –


View the Sustainable Seas Trust interactive map to find a waste collector/recycler or buy-back centre in your area –