At Safripol you will be able to shape the world positively through the responsible use and production of plastic.
Come and experience, and be, the difference.

Operational excellence

We set ourselves up for success through embedded ownership at all levels. We benchmark ourselves against global standards and we consistently deliver world-class operational performance.

Positive work environment

We believe in our people and encourage the ability to ‘go beyond’. At Safripol you will be surrounded by people who want to make a difference inside and outside of the organisation.

Reward and recognition

We have a culture of recognising each other’s contributions. You will recognise excellence in your fellow team members, and they will recognise your contribution.

Meaningful work

Join us in our ‘let’s plastic responsibly’ movement and help us shape our world responsibly. We improve the lives of all around us by producing recyclable products, enabling the circular plastics economy, supporting communities and providing opportunities for youth development.

Growth opportunities

We provide opportunities for our employees to grow professionally and personally. We have a track record of nurturing talent supported by a flat operational structure and an empowered working philosophy.