Meet our Safripol change agents who participated in the clean-up in Parys

As a build up to National Clean-up and Recycle week (13-18 September 2021), this past Saturday 11 September 2021, our Safripol team wasted no time, and was out with their families and friends in Parys Walking the Talk, while also enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.


Together with the Vaal Action Group, the Rise ‘n Shine Community Foundation, and the local community, the Safripol team got their hands dirty, and recovered valuable materials at the Sandgat area in Parys along the Vaal River. The main goal of the joint clean-up was to remove all the valuable materials from the environment and divert it away from the Vaal River, while creating public awareness around pollution, the value of recyclables, and how to better manage waste.

A total of 77 participants joined the Clean-up of which 52 were from the Safripol family (incl. Safripol employees and their spouses/family/friends as well as 6 kids and 1 dog).  In 1.5 hours, 108 bags of materials were collected of which 22 bags were non-recyclable materials.  


In total, 300kg of recyclable materials were recovered mainly consisting of glass and plastic bottles, plastic containers and lids, and paper and cardboard. The recyclable materials were taken to Seeco Recycling, a local recycler in Parys, so that the recyclable materials could be sold into the recycling industry, for processing back into new secondary products.


In his address at the event Eddie Kotzee, Operation Executive for Safripol Sasolburg said: “we are the custodians of planet earth and we have a responsibility. We cannot look the other way and neglect our duty, we need to preserve and conserve what we have for the generations to come. This seems like a mammoth task but it needs to be done and we need to start somewhere. He then concluded by quoting one of our greatest leaders Nelson Mandela: It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”


Selma Kok, from the Vaal Action Group was very grateful for Safripol’s partnership and had this to say “It sent such a strong message to our community when we see (and experience) the active involvement of corporate business. Safripol is setting an excellent example for other industry leaders to follow.”


A fulfilling day was had by all, but the real heroes of the event was the kids, our “eco-warriors”. Check out what they had to say about waste in the environment and what can be done about it.

Let’s be the change agents and Let’s plastic responsibly.