Safripol takes the Call for Action and launched Separation at Source

Safripol has taken the call for action and has implemented separation at source (SAS) of post-consumer waste across all of its facilities.

Safripol’s SAS programme demonstrates its leadership to zero leakage into the environment.  It commits all Safripol employees, its contractors, and visitors to our sites to separate recyclable materials. 

Plastic is an economic resource that should remain out of the environment and landfills and should be recovered for maximum use in the circular economy. One of the biggest challenges facing recycling initiatives is the contamination of high-value materials with food and organic waste, and other contaminants. This happens when waste is mixed and not efficiently separated at the source. The situation is much worse when recyclables end up in the environment or landfills where high-value materials are lost to the industry due to contamination. Additionally, contaminated recyclables consume valuable resources like water during the decontamination process for recycling.  


Separation at source of plastic waste at the point of disposal is an effective solution in ensuring that at the end of use, plastics are kept clean and remain at their highest value, this enabling quality plastic recyclates to go back into the economy for reuse. In line with this best practice, and our “Lets plastic responsibly” campaign, we recently launched our separation at source programme for post-consumer waste across all of Safripol’s sites. Our employees showed their commitment by handing in their mixed waste office bins and committed to using the colour-coded recycling bins. 


Safripol’s SAS initiative encourages all its employees, contractors, and visitors to our sites to do the right thing, and separate their post-consumer waste at source at work and at their homes. All of the plastic, paper, tin, and glass recyclables recovered from Safripol’s SAS programme across all sites, are distributed to nearby buy-back centres/recyclers for processing back into the economy. 


Safripol’s SAS launch took place separately at the Sasolburg, Durban, and Bryanston sites, and was a much-anticipated event in our 2021 sustainability calendar. Each event had its own unique style which was site-specific but it all showed One Safripol, One Team, One Vision, with three spectacular days filled with education, comradery, holy powders, fireworks, singing along to the Mzanzi youth choir, awesome food, and was all-round great fun. 


Durban Video

Bryanston Video