We utilize Hoechst slurry polymerization technology, which was originally derived from Hostalen. A technology agreement with Lyondellbasell allows for further updates of the technology as might be needed to meet the requirements of the market.

HDPE is polymerized from ethylene to produce a plastic with excellent stiffness and environmental stress crack resistance. It has superb chemical resistance and low water absorption and is easily processed and machined. The main applications of HDPE include blow-moulded containers, crates, drums, blown film and pipe. It is ideally suited to food contact applications.

Safripol also produces a HDPE containing carbon black for the pipe industry which is conforming to PE 100 pipe specification


Our products are supplied to the converters, who in turn manufacture packaging products and structural material for a wide range of industries such as packaging and construction, among others. PP is a lightweight, moderately high melting point plastic with high stiffness, hardness and strength. It is produced from propylene monomer as a homopolymer or as a copolymer with ethylene.


PP is used in the manufacture of injection-moulded articles, blow-moulded containers, pipe, sheet and textile fibres. It is often used for outdoor applications but is UV resistant only if appropriately stabilized. PP has a good resistance to fatigue and can, therefore, be used as a living hinge such as those found on flip-top bottles. Safripol produces a variety of PP grades as impact copolymers, random copolymers and homopolymers for injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming and fibres.


Aspire® PET is a top-quality thermoplastic material used for injection and stretch blow-moulding of bottles used for mineral water; carbonated soft drinks; fruit juice; dairy products; edible oils; and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Other applications include sheet extrusion; thermoforming of extruded sheets for food packaging; and industrial strap extrusion.

Aspire® PET is approved by:

  • EU Regulation 10/2011
  • USA FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR21) Section 177.1630 (Polyethylene Phthalate Polymers)

Aspire™ fast reheat resin offers excellent performance and is primarily suitable for carbonated soft drink bottles and other injection/stretch blow-moulded applications. This product is cobalt free and in line with European standards. It allows for maximum blowing throughputs by quickly heating the preforms in the infrared ovens. Products made from this material are low-stick, handles easily and are also 100% recyclable.