Safripol’s Sustainability Strategy

Plastic is a highly functional and useful material with unmatched properties to alternatives. Almost everything we use, touch or interact with has plastic in it, from the gowns our surgeons wear, to the lifesaving medical equipment, to the cars we drive, the aircrafts that make commercial flights affordable, to the cellphones we hold in our hands, to the televisions that keeps us up to date, to the clothes on our back.  The truth is, in a lot of ways, plastic actually makes the world a better, safer place, without which modern civilisation as we know it today would cease to exist. 

The elephant in the room however which cannot be ignored is plastic waste. Plastic pollution and climate change is today the mega challenges facing the industry. As a polymer producer, Safripol has an important leadership role to play towards changing the plastics narrative, and driving forward a circular industry, one that is sustainable and one which embraces society and the environment as key enablers of its economic growth. But to achieve this we need systems level change, new business models, new innovations, fit for purpose technologies and value-chain partnerships.

We are leaders when it comes to the cause of using plastic responsibly. We are fundamentally opposed to littering, dumping, over-packaging and pollution of any kind. We are for plastic recycling, re-use, innovation and the environment.

We are the responsible polymer partners to our customers and clients.

We are active in the movement against plastic pollution.

Safripol’s 2025 Sustainability Goals

Safripol’s approach to Sustainability is driven by the “Let’s Plastic Responsibly” movement. Our strategy is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and focusses on addressing the global challenges i.e.  plastic pollution and climate change, by transitioning towards a sustainable circular economy for plastics, while ensuring economic growth, and wellbeing of society and the environment.

Our three major Sustainability Goals for 2025 are: Enhancing the Circular Economy; Reducing our Environmental Impact; and Socio-economic Development of our People and Communities

Sustainability Goals 2022 

SG 01: Enhancing the Circular Economy:

The circular economy has been identified as one of the cornerstones for our sustainability strategy as it is critical to our business as we move forward.  The circular economy aligns with our extended producer responsibilities, while presenting vital opportunities for economic growth, innovation, and job creation. Here we are prioritising the following focus areas i.e: 1) Advancing Recycling; 2) Design for Circularity; 3) Reducing Plastic Leakage; 4) Renewable Feedstocks.



SG 02: Reducing our Environmental Impact: 

A major focus of our sustainability strategy is to reduce the direct impact of our operations on the natural environment for our Cradle-to Gate operations. We will continue to look for ways in which we can reduce our GHG emissions, and energy and water usage, and waste generation. Our strategy is driven by our operational excellence, Responsible Care commitment and product stewardship, and a major focus is to optimise and improve the efficiency of our operations, while responding to climate change issues.

SG 03: Socio-economic Development of our People and Communities: 

To achieve our sustainability goals, we will accelerate our efforts towards cooperate social development and work together with our employees, fence-line communities, NGO’s,  and the youth for socio-economic good. We will continue to expand our programmes on developing our employees, education and skills development, and community development.





Partnering for Sustainability: Safripol realises that it cannot deliver on its sustainability goals on its own. To achieve these goals, we will develop multi-stakeholder partnerships across the value-chain, as well as in the innovation ecosystem to unlock innovative and sustainable solutions fit for purpose for our local market.  Through our strategic partnerships, innovation, commitment, and bold leadership, Safripol will differentiate itself to become the most innovative, customer-centric, and sustainable polymer-producer in the country.

We are committed to the pursuit of a circular economy and creating a sustainable future for all, and we invite our customers, clients and competitors to join the “Let’s plastic responsibly” movement.