Let’s plastic responsibly

Without plastics, we cannot live our everyday lives as it touches every aspect of modern civilisation as we know it today. In addition plastics is most often found to have the lowest impact on the environment in life cycle assessments as compared to alternatives. We believe most of the plastics rhetoric is misinformed, emotive and is lacking in scientific evidence. Hence we have launched a marketing and educational campaign called “Let’s plastic responsibly”.  The goal of the campaign is to start a movement of change by encouraging that we make, use, and dispose of plastics responsibly. Plastic responsibly is about re-using, re-purposing and recycling plastics at end of use, to ensure that plastics stay out of the environment and remain in the materials loop for maximum utility and value. By responsibly using plastics we will reduce the need for more new raw materials to be used while preserving our environment, and natural resources and ensuring that we build more sustainable societies that benefit both people and planet. is the first platform that brings government initiatives, environmental/plastic organisations, corporate companies, communities, schools and individuals together to face the plastic waste problem head-on as a single, unstoppable team.

It’s a place to share, learn, plan and take action. To educate South Africans about what it means to ‘Plastic Responsibly’.

To encourage everyone (including future generations) to REDUCE, RECYCLE, RE-PURPOSE, RE-USE and RE-THINK – so that we can create a sustainable future for all.