Polypropylene (PP)

Advance 150

Random Co-polymer MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 1.5 g/10min Advance• 150 Polypropylene Resin is a clarified random copolymer designed for the blow moulding of high gloss bottles and film & sheet extrusion. Containers produced from ADVANCE 150 exhibit good surface finish and excellent contact clarity. Advance• 150 also contains a UV absorber for improved light […]

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Safron C722 – 07NA

Impact Copolymer MFR (230 •C/ 2.16 kg): 7.5 g/10min Safron• C722-07NA Polypropylene Resin is a nucleated impact copolymer with high impact strength, good flow and a narrow molecular weight distribution used for general purpose complex injection moulding applications where toughness is required. The narrow MWD leads to a high dimensional […]

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Safron H504 – 12M

Homopolymer MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 12 g/10min Safron• H504-12M Polypropylene Resin is recommended for the spinning of staple fibre in the range 2 • 25 denier. It is also used for the manufacture of BCF yarns. Safron• H504-12M Polypropylene Resin is a medium to high flow injection moulding grade for applications […]

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Safron C142 – 01N

Impact Copolymer MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 1.4 g/10min Safron• C142-01N Polypropylene Resin is a nucleated high impact copolymer specially suited for the twin walled sheet market where its good compressive strength, combined with flexibility for easy stamping out of complex shapes, renders it useful for a wide application area. It is […]

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