Water: The Essence of Life

Water, the essence of life, is an invaluable resource often taken for granted until it becomes scarce. The April 2022 floods in Kwazulu-Natal served as a stark reminder of our vulnerability, wreaking havoc on communities and severely compromising water supplies. In these critical times, Safripol, alongside other dedicated South African entities, demonstrated unwavering solidarity and swift action to address the urgent need for clean water.



In the aftermath of the devastating floods, water infrastructure suffered extensive damage, leading to 80% water contamination in the hardest-hit areas. The dire situation left thousands without access to safe, potable water, escalating the risk of waterborne diseases and disrupting daily life. The impact on education was particularly profound, with schools unable to maintain basic hygiene or operate regular hours.



In response, Safripol, in collaboration with Gift of the Givers and Africa Tanks, mobilized resources to deliver a sustainable solution. Together, we provided water tanks capable of storing 1.25 million liters, ensuring a continuous supply of clean water for affected communities. Londi Mbuyisa, Founder and MD of the Isphepho Group, highlighted the profound impact of these water tanks, particularly in schools, where clean water availability is crucial for health, sanitation, and uninterrupted education.



Safripol’s commitment to sustainability is inherent in our product development, notably our iMPACT 100® pressure pipe resin and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resin for water tanks. Certified by an independent European body, our pressure pipe resin meets stringent standards, offering durability and reduced leakage. The water tanks we produce are designed for longevity and safety, providing a dependable water storage solution, especially vital in rural areas lacking robust infrastructure.



At Safripol, we understand that sustainability is not just a policy but a practical, impactful action. Our engagement in the Kwazulu-Natal water crisis exemplifies our broader mission to support communities, preserve natural resources, and innovate for a better future. We are dedicated to advancing sustainable practices across our operations and products, ensuring we contribute positively to the environment and society at large.