Safripol’s Share a Gift, Share a Smile Toy Campaign: Spreading Joy, Sustainability, and Community

The Safripol Share a Gift, Share a Smile Toy Campaign, launched in partnership with The Angel Network and Toy Kingdom in 2020, represents a heartfelt effort to uplift underprivileged children. This initiative aims to find new homes for pre-loved toys, promoting responsible plastic use while spreading joy among young ones. It’s not just about bringing smiles to children’s faces; it’s a commitment to the well-being of our planet and the happiness of its future stewards.

Our Humble Beginnings and Growth


Our journey began modestly, with just five locations and the aim to support ten beneficiaries. This small yet significant step was the seed from which our grand vision grew. The idea was simple but powerful: giving new life to forgotten toys, thus spreading joy among children who needed it most. As time progressed, the community’s response was phenomenal. Our campaign now spans over 128 locations, including malls, Toy Kingdom stores, schools, and corporations, all driven by the incredible power of community involvement.

2023 Milestone: A Notable Triumph


In 2023, we reached an extraordinary milestone that fills us with pride. This year saw the collection of over 55,000 toys, a clear demonstration of the unwavering commitment and growing vigor within our community. This achievement not only sets a new benchmark but also underscores our pledge to infuse the lives of numerous children with joy and foster a sustainable future. We sincerely appreciate and acknowledge every donor who contributed to this success; your generosity is the vital catalyst propelling this impactful journey forward.

A Special Thank You to Our Participating Locations


We extend our warmest thanks to all the locations that played a crucial role in the campaign’s success. Your unwavering support has been instrumental. Special thanks to Toy Kingdom, with all 27 of its stores actively participating. Each partner, from Toy Kingdom to additional malls and unique locations, significantly contributed to spreading joy and promoting sustainability through responsible toy recycling and rehoming. Thank you for joining us in this meaningful journey.

Profound Gratitude For Our Media Partners


We express sincere gratitude to the Expresso Morning Show, Smile 90.4 FM, and Hot 102.7 FM for their extensive media coverage and support. Their commitment to sharing our story has been invaluable in raising awareness and inspiring community participation. We are immensely grateful for their role in amplifying our message and contributing to the campaign’s success.

Acknowledging Our Volunteers


We cannot express enough appreciation for our dedicated volunteers, who tirelessly helped sort through the gifts. Their commitment and hard work ensure that each toy is ready to bring joy to a new home, forming the cornerstone of our campaign’s success. These unsung heroes embody selflessness and community spirit, and we are truly thankful for their relentless dedication.

The Role of Partnerships and Participation


Our partnership with Unitrans has been instrumental, offering logistical support beyond simple toy distribution. Unitrans collects toys from various locations and transports them to central sorting facilities in Gauteng, KZN, and Western Cape, optimizing the entire process. We are immensely thankful for their dedication and support, vital in advancing our mission of bringing joy and sustainability to children’s lives.

Last But Not Least, Our Respect to The Angel Network


The Angel Network has been crucial in the campaign’s success, playing a critical role in collecting and distributing pre-loved toys for underprivileged children. Since 2020, their collaboration has been instrumental in raising awareness about responsible toy donation and reuse, fulfilling the dreams of countless children who have never owned a toy. Their involvement broadened the campaign’s scope, ensuring joy reaches across communities in need.


The Impact of Community and Sustainability


The support we received led to a significant collection of toys that contribute to a happier, more sustainable world. These toys have been warmly welcomed in children’s centers and early development places across the nation, delivering immeasurable joy and hope. Our dedication extends to environmental care through toy recycling, ensuring our efforts benefit both present and future generations.

To join us in spreading joy and sustainability, visit the 2024 Toy Campaign page today!