Addressing Childhood Stunting: Safripol’s Call for National Action

At Safripol, we believe every child deserves the best start in life, including access to adequate nutrition for healthy growth and cognitive development. Alarming statistics indicate that a significant number of South African children suffer from nutritional deficiencies leading to stunting. Recognizing the urgent need to act, we view this not just as a call to action but as a moral imperative.


Childhood stunting is a grave concern that hampers the physical and mental development of children. As highlighted by Cheryl Williams, Chairman of the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) and a school principal, “A child requires proper nutrition from conception to the age of five to develop optimally, both physically and cognitively”. The reality that one in three South African children could be stunted is not just alarming—it’s a clear call for immediate intervention.


Understanding the magnitude of this issue, Safripol has taken a significant step forward to combat childhood stunting. In partnership with the Inani Startwell Foundation, we have donated to a feeding scheme that provides nutrient-rich cereal meals to Early Childhood Development Centres. This initiative has enabled the distribution of over 3.3 million meals annually, ensuring that children under five receive the essential nutrients for healthy development.

Our approach transcends mere financial assistance. The meals are distributed in special refillable plastic containers, reflecting our commitment to sustainability, and reducing environmental impact.


We invite fellow leading South African companies and institutions to collaborate in this vital mission. Together, we can expand the reach and impact of such initiatives, ensuring that no child’s potential is curtailed by malnutrition. Join Safripol in turning the promise of sustainability into a reality, one meal, one child at a time.


Your support can transform lives, building a foundation of health, education, and opportunity for our nation’s children. Together, let’s create a legacy of hope and action, ensuring a brighter future for every child and, ultimately, for South Africa.


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