Achieving our sustainability targets one bottle at a time.

Or should we say ‘bottle-to-bottle’ at a time. The exciting news is that we have now launched our first rPET product ASPIRER , containing post-consumer resin.


It’s another step towards attaining a true local plastic industry circular economy. And it’s a step that will leave a much smaller carbon footprint.


The new product will have an impact across the entire plastic waste recycling value chain. It will become more obvious to consumers that plastic waste has a real value, encouraging greater efforts to recycle. Waste reclaimers will get more plastic waste, buy-back centres will collect and process more plastic, and manufacturers will create more products using recycled material.


It will help our customers as well. We are offering them a ‘one bag’ solution. Each bag contains 15% or 25% post consumer rPET. The South African Waste Act currently requires 12.5%.


Plastic bottles don’t belong in our environment. They belong back where they started. On the supermarket shelves.

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