Safripol receives international ISO approval for PE100 Polyethylene Resin

In a first for a South African Resin manufacturer, Safripol is proud to announce that it has achieved the globally recognized International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification for PE100 polyethylene, branded as iMPACT100® and used in the manufacturing of pipes and pipe fittings for the supply of potable water and gaseous fuels. 


This certification, issued by the independent European certification body AENOR, verifies that iMPACT100® pipe resin meets the ISO 4427-1:2019 and ISO 4437-1:2014 requirements for polyethylene piping systems. It further demonstrates Safripol’s commitment to international benchmarking and product quality in line with providing its customers with best-in-class solutions. This material is also certified by the SABS as being compliant to SANS 4427-1:2008 and SANS 4437-1:2014 requirements for water and gas pipe applications respectively. 


Safripol’s flagship PE100 pipe resin is produced at its Sasolburg manufacturing facility and was developed in close collaboration with Lyondell Basell and Qenos, who are world-class leaders in the manufacturing and technical application of PE100 resins. According to George Diliyannis, Senior Application Engineer at Safripol, the ISO certification is a key milestone in Safripol’s journey towards delivering high-performance PE resins for advancing the plastic pipe industry in South Africa. With this international recognition, we can now work together with our customers to develop competitive localised solutions for both water and gas reticulation applications in South Africa and beyond.


PE100 polyethylene is today positioned as the go-to material for use in a variety of applications such in municipal water delivery, gas reticulation, pumped sewer mains and industrial effluents. This is due to its superior performance including higher corrosion and abrasion resistance, light-weight and flexibility, easy installation, lower production costs, excellent safety record, lowest leakage rates and long lifetimes. When used correctly, pipelines made from PE100 polyethylene will last a minimum of 50 years. In line with Safripol’s sustainability strategy to increase our focus on engineered, long-term durable applications, we are proud to give our customers access to a locally manufactured world-class product that is not only technically excellent but also sustainable. 


Consumers today are demanding circular use of plastics that support a waste-free economy. The use of quality-assured PE100 in infrastructure like pipelines highlights sustainable use of plastics with long intended use lifetimes, thereby reducing the potential of plastic becoming waste, while maximising the use of this valuable resource. It further highlights the important role that plastics play in our everyday lives while contributing positively to both planet and people. With this acclaimed ISO certification for its iMPACT100® pipe resin, Safripol re-affirms its commitment to work together with the entire value-chain to support the growth and the competitiveness of the PE100 pipe industry in Southern Africa. 


Let’s plastic responsibly,