Calling all educators and parents!

This is our last call for all children ages 4 – 16 who wish to enter into our 4th Annual Design Competition in partnership with Safripol and the Institute of Inventors and Innovators.


Your children still have another 18 days to complete their creations and win some of our amazing prizes like a 3D printer worth R6 500 or a vacuum forming machine worth R5 500! Plus there are other fun prizes like building games, stationery and cash to be won too!

Once they have made a game, toy, educational item out of recycled / reused plastic, done a short write up with a video / presentation then please ask them to visit our website by clicking the submit button and upload the necessary details by the 20th of November.

This competition also offers your children the opportunity to present at the Global Innovation Field Trip early 2023 and meet other innovators and creative thinkers from around the world!
Let’s plastic responsibly and make a difference!
Your Why Toyz Team