Gift of the givers truck

1.25 million litres of continued water supply for ongoing community relief. An incredible partnership between Gift of the Givers, Africa Tanks, and Safripol.


The people of KwaZulu Natal are no strangers to the rain. The lush, green, jungle-like coastal terrain of this popular holiday destination stands testament to this. So when the rain started to fall in the first weeks of April, nobody thought anything of it. Until it continued to fall and fall.


During April & May, storms wrought mass destruction to the coastline of KZN causing severe flooding and mudslides, ultimately affecting tens of thousands of people with hundreds of deaths. The region was declared a state of disaster.


The effects of the flooding were far reaching. Besides the loss of human life, there was catastrophic effects on the environment and infrastructure, with huge damage to the water supply, and 80% of the drinking water being contaminated.


While the South African government allocated over R1 billion for relief efforts in response to the floods, officials on the ground knew they would need more. Thankfully, many of South Africa’s top organisations pledged their support, and followed through on this promise. Amongst others, Polyco, Coca-Cola Beverages SA, Petco, Safripol and Plastics SA made donations to assist with clean-ups.


A particularly notable donation was organised and initiated by Africa Tanks and Safripol, who donated 250x5000L water tanks to Gift of the Givers in order for them to help manage safe water supplies to the region, and beyond, in the most responsible way possible. Gift of the Givers were already installing boreholes, and the water tanks from Africa Tanks allows them to distribute an ongoing 1.25 million litres of water on a national level based on where the need is most, without causing panic based on people’s dire situations.

Water and food parcels were also donated to local communities over this period, and many beach and river clean-ups helped keep the surrounding environment healthier.


Nico van Niekerk (CEO, Safripol) explains “At Safripol, we understand that being sustainable means going beyond sustainability. It means getting involved in the communities in which we operate, and making a measurable difference to people’s lives. That’s a huge part of what we mean by ‘let’s plastic responsibly’, and we have to applaud the efforts of all involved in the many relief efforts.”.


Let’s plastic responsibly,