Safripol celebrated World Clean Up day with action!

How it all went down on the 15th & 16th of September.

World Clean Up day

Safripol celebrated World Clean Up Day on 15-16 September with action!  This year we partnered with multi-party stakeholders such as AECI, SASOL, Averda, Eskom, EnviroServ, PETCO, government (both local municipalities and provincial), community members and civil society, in a joint clean-up effort in the Vaal Triangle.


The joint collaborative clean-up effort focussed on rehabilitation of two illegal dumping sites adjacent to the Theha Setjhaba Primary School in Zamdela and the Kammaland nursery school in Vanderbijlpark. Due to the large volumes of waste in the areas, heavy machinery including TLB’s, tipper trucks and skips had to be brought in to assist with the clean-up.  A major focus of the initiative was to create awareness around waste pollution and to encourage a cleaner environment amongst the community members. Waste recycling awareness training was also provided for the community members.  In line with the sustainable development goals, a vegetable garden tunnel was also set-up at the Theha Setjhaba Primary School to support development of better food systems; and trees were planted at the greenbelt area used by the Kammaland nursery school. Safripol’s contribution to the 2 day clean-up initiative included sponsoring of heavy machinery, plastic recycling bags, as well as the services of our fire department.


All in all the 2 day joint industry event was a big success with a total of 380 tons of waste diverted from the environment and safely disposed of at the Averda Vlakfontein landfill. At Safripol, we believe that for change to be effective it must make impact at grassroots level. Therefore, we are proud of be part of this multi-stakeholder initiative and together to make grass-roots impact in our local communities.


A Big thank you to our Sasolburg team for your participation and for making this initiative a success.

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Amazing footage taken by AECI before and after the clean-up – click on Video to watch.

Before and After Theha Setjhaba Primary School, Zamdela, Sasolburg

Before and after Kammaland nursery school, Vanderbiljpark

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