ARBOR Week – Safripol plants one spekboom at a time

01-07 September 2022

“Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world” - Howard Zinn

Arbor Week

This year Safripol celebrated arbour week by planting spekboom gardens at both its Sasolburg and Durban facilities. Portulacaria afra, commonly known as spekboom in Afrikaans was the plant of choice because it super resilient, water wise, easy to grow, and can be propagated even just from the cuttings.  This humble plant, indigenous to Southern Africa has also been associated with fighting climate change and air pollution. Employees got their hands dirty and enjoyed landscaping the new feature gardens.


At our Durban facility, staff created a Memory Garden with Spekboom and beautiful flowers in recognition of those that we lost at Safripol due to Covid-19, as well as the victims of the recent devastating floods in KZN.


A total of 400 Spekboom plants were procured, 40 of which were planted on our sites, with a further 360 being donated to staff members so that they could start their own spekboom gardens at home.


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