November 20, 2020

We have joined SA Plastics Pact

Message from Safripol CEO

Nico van Niekerk (CEO Safripol): Plastics is a resource of economic value that has greatly contributed to people’s quality of life. However plastic should never become waste, but rather should be recovered to enable a circular economy. In order to achieve this, we need new technologies, new business models, and mobilisation of the entire value chain. We are proud to be a member of the SA Plastics Pact since we believe that through value-chain partnerships, a circular economy for plastics in South Africa can become a reality. As a polymer producer, Safripol has an important leadership role to play towards driving the circular economy for plastics in South Africa, and we need like-minded organisations to work together towards this goal. Let’s plastic responsibly.

Message from SA Plastics Pact

Dr Kirsten Barnes, SA Plastics Pact Project lead

The SA Plastics Pact is very pleased to welcome SAFRIPOL as our first resin producer signing up to work collaboratively towards a circular economy for plastics in South Africa. SAFRIPOL’s commitment to increase their proportion of polymer produced from renewable resources, as well as an R&D focus on chemical recycling for the SA market is commendable. SAFRIPOL’s technical expertise will be of great benefit to our members in the improvement of recycling technologies as well as for the inclusion of recycled content in plastics packaging. We look forward to taking bold action together.