July 16, 2018

Safron C790 – 90RNA

Natural Polypropylene Impact Copolymer
MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 70 g/10min

Safron• C790-90RNA Polypropylene Resin is a high performance impact copolymer with a very high melt flow rate. Safron• C790-90RNA is designed for the thin wall injection moulding, especially multiple cavity moulds with long flow paths and allows for easy processing, short cycle times and good dimensional stability.

Safron• C790-90RNA Polypropylene Resin contains an antistatic additive.

Typical Applications

• Food containers
• Yoghurt cups, margarine tubs
• Housewares
• Lids
• Caps and closures

Technical Data sheet
Food Contact Compliance Letter
Safety Data sheet