July 16, 2018

Safron C765 – 15NA

Impact Copolymer
MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 15 g/10min

Safron• C765-15NA Polypropylene Resin is a high performance impact copolymer developed for injection moulding applications. It has an improved balance of mechanical properties featuring outstanding stiffness and high impact strength which is maintained even at low temperatures.

Safron• C765-15NA Polypropylene Resin offers an improvement in stiffness over conventional impact copolymers with comparable flow and toughness. It also contains an antistatic additive.

Typical Applications
• Crates and boxes
• Household appliances
• Packaging applications
• Compounding
• Toys
• Pails
• Thin walled containers

Technical Data sheet
Food Contact Compliance Letter
Safety Data sheet

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