July 16, 2018

Safrene M 7650

Blow Moulding and Extrusion Applications
MFR (190•C/5kg): 0.35 g/10min
Density: 0.953 g/cm3

Safrene• M 7650 High Density Polyethylene Resin is a high molecular mass grade suitable for extrusion blow moulding of containers greater than 20 litre capacities. It has a high rigidity and hardness with very good impact strength and environmental stress-crack resistance properties.

Safrene• M 7650 High Density Polyethylene Resin is primarily designed for the blow moulding of large hollow articles but may be used for smaller mouldings where exceptional environmental stress-crack resistance and impact strength are required.

Typical Applications

• General purpose containers
• Sheet extrusion
• Optical fibre sheathing

Technical Data sheet
Food Contact Compliance Letter
Safety Data sheet

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