July 9, 2018

Safron C142 – 01N

Impact Copolymer
MFR (230•C/2.16 kg): 1.4 g/10min

Safron• C142-01N Polypropylene Resin is a nucleated high impact copolymer specially suited for the twin walled sheet market where its good compressive strength, combined with flexibility for easy stamping out of complex shapes, renders it useful for a wide application area. It is also suitable for profile extrusion.

Safron• C142-01N Polypropylene Resin can also be used for the injection moulding of technical parts and thick wall applications requiring exceptional toughness especially at low temperatures.

Typical Applications

• Twin walled sheet
• Technical injection moulded parts
• Solid sheet and profile extrusion

Technical Data sheet
Food Contact Compliance Letter
Safety Data sheet

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