Safripol Sasolburg

Safripol Sasolburg

Home to our High-Density Polyethylene and Polypropylene manufacturing plants, this facility produces circa 160kt of HDPE and 120kt of PP annually. Key markets include the packaging industry, portable water infrastructure, rigid packaging, closures, personal care, and home-care markets, among others.

Original operations were established in 1972 as a joint venture between Hoechst AG of Germany and Sentrachem Ltd.  Thereafter, a division of Dow, and then under Private Equity until being incorporated into KAP at the beginning of January 2017.

Professional Industry Memberships

We guarantee the highest standards of safety, health, environment, risk, quality and assets are upheld throughout our operations. We also remain committed to doing business in an ethical manner that takes cognisance of sustainable economic, social and environmental needs.

Developing and implementing internationally recognised management systems into our Integrated Management System (ODMS) and SHERQ performance. These pertain to our activities, assets, products and services. Our commitment remains unyielding to continuously improving and reviewing the effectiveness of our safety, health, environmental, risk, quality and asset management systems performance, in accordance with the business’s strategic direction and objectives.

Our management and staff recognise that the protection of the environment, employees and our community is both integral and fundamental to our general business principles in producing and marketing our polymers. We are listed as an ISO 9001(Quality), 14001 (Environmental), OHSAS 18001(Health and Safety) and API 580 (Risk Base Inspections on Pressure Equipment regulations) certified company.


Our continuous benchmarking within technology providers ensures that we operate at international standards. Safripol contributes eagerly too many industrial forums and management has through the years held many leadership positions at these forums.


SAPPMA, together with the SABS, has been working hard since its inception in 2004 to ensure that end users are offered top quality plastic pipe systems that will last for a lifetime.  The Purpose of SAPPMA is to create absolute customer confidence in the Plastic Pipe Industry and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Industry, with top quality Piping systems.  Pipes and fittings produced by SAPPMA members are clearly identified with the SAPPMA Logo; providing proof to engineers or customers of the commitment to quality and differentiation of SAPPMA members.


CAIA represents the interests of the chemical industry in South Africa through active engagement with all important stakeholders, such as government, industry and regulators.  It is also the custodian of ResponsibleCare®.  All CAIA members are signatories to this initiative.  Safripol contributes actively to CAIA as a member as well as having multiple directors on CAIA’s management team.


Plastics|SA represents all sectors of the South African plastics industry including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers, fabricators and recyclers.  It plays an active role in the growth and development of the South African plastics industry and prides itself on providing industry training and driving the industry’s environmental initiatives.

Packaging SA

Packaging SA is a voluntary industry body.  Its members are in two broad categories, Converters and Associates. The Converters represent some 70% of the revenue generated by the industry.  Associates are in effect the major raw material suppliers, material organizations, brand owners, retailers and other organizations and associations with interests in the packaging industry. Collectively this body directly employs some 60 000 people in South Africa.


The Polyolefin Recycling Company, trading as POLYCO, is a not-for-profit industry body formed by the polyolefin converters themselves to promote the collection and recycling of post-consumer polyolefin packaging containers. POLYCO aims to minimise the environmental impact of post-consumer polyolefins on the South African landscape.

Awards and Recognition

Safripol shows being best is no fluke – wins top employer ranking 11th year in a row.

We continue to show that being the best is no fluke. We’ve won the accolade of being the top employer, with a high ranking 11th year in a row. Our company ranks among the Top Employers in South Africa. This is a reward for the company’s continued efforts to improve employee satisfaction at all levels and across all divisions.


The international research undertaken every year by the Top Employers Institute recognises the world’s leading employers; those who provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and strive continuously to optimise employment practices. These characteristics are all synonymous with Safripol.

As part of the community, Safripol helps to meet its needs

To this effect, we’ve received a Lusa Community Chest Special Recognition award in 2017, in recognition of Safripol’ s contribution to community upliftment.  Our organisation remains dedicated to increasing human potential through integrity, diversity and compassion, which are the same values cherished by the Safripol family.

Responsible Care – the foundation of our operations

Safripol received the CAIA Responsible Care Initiative of the year award in 2016. This recognises the significant improvements in water efficiency and landfill reduction as well as an impeccable safety culture.  No harm throughout the lifecycle of our products is a key driver to our safety, health and environment committee.

Corporate Citizenship

Safripol is a significant regular contributor to the LUSA Community Chest Outreach Project at Tsatsi Primary School in Zamdela, Sasolburg. Asibavikele is a daily feeding program and aftercare service managed by Child Welfare Sasolburg which provides nutritional meals and homework in support of more than 100 children in the township.

Safripol also contributes annually to the LUSA Community Chest Impact Fund, which focuses on capacity building and training programs with affiliated community-based organisations. The training programs equip organisations which support previously-disadvantaged communities in and around the Vaal Triangle region.

Safripol supports the North West University Ikateleng program, a Saturday school focusing on the sciences and mathematics, building on the school curriculum and offering much-needed life skills to students in grades 10, 11, 12.

The Komati foundation self-leadership tutorial program is an exciting venture with Wits University to address much-needed skills through the use of university post-grad students as mentors, the focus is on senior secondary school students. This is a Safripol pilot project aimed to increase the future engineering pool and promote the STEM shortage of skills.

Other beneficiaries of Safripol’s support are the LUSA Community Chest’s Wish upon a Star and Winter Warm Projects, and the Kamohelo Centre for Disabled Children.

Safripol offers bursaries to engineering students and to children of employees, from primary school through to tertiary education.

To amplify our impact on society, each Safripol employee is granted an extra day’s leave which may be used in fulfilling a community need. This in effect provides 265 man-days for community service.